Samsung to Release SDK for Next Generation Gear

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that members of global developer community can get an early access to the Software Development Kit (SDK) of the company’s next generation of the Gear device. The new wearable device will be the 7th generation of Samsung Gear with a wrist watch type. This is the first time that Samsung has released its wearable SDK to third-party developers before the official product announcement.

OPPO R5 (Limited Edition) Luxury, Style and Performance.


OPPO has provided quality products since its launch, but with a huge price tag. OPPO is still new for those who prefer Samsung or Apple and do not want experiments. OPPO is quite prominent brand in market but there are limited OPPO users because when the phones were launched for the first time, the other competitors provided more features in same price tag. R5 is a High-End phone and can be compared to other international and local high end smartphones. 

Ensuring Power Supply Is Critical For Economic Growth - APBF

As the Pakistani industry is striving hard to survive and grow in a very challenging environment, the regulators need to take robust measures for progress and industrial growth. The most critical factor that can ensure the survival and growth of Pakistan’s industry is the government’s ability to implement the National Power Policy 2014, which should ensure regular supply of electricity to enable the industry to compete in today’s cut-throat global competition.